Living Wage Jersey

The Jersey Living Wage rate for 2017 is £9.75 per hour.

John Scally, the Executive Director of Caritas Jersey, which is the body responsible for promoting the Living Wage in Jersey, has announced that the rate for 2017 is £9.75 per hour.

Administrative and legal arrangements with the Living Wage foundation in the UK have now been completed and John is writing to local businesses asking them to become Living Wage Employers as an act of solidarity with all those who seek to eradicate poverty in Jersey.  A letter is on its way to an employer near you but why wait?  You can become part of this push for a just wage for all by signing up.  Just contact us and we will have you signed up in no time.  It is really that simple.!

Within the next few weeks this post will be replaced by a link to the Jersey Living Wage’s own web site where you will have access to much more information.



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